Best XBox games 2021

These projects are waiting for millions of players, and critics consider them masterpieces even before the premiere. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best new games of 2021 for the Xbox console.

Xbox – a powerful console of a new generation

The Xbox Series X is the successor to Microsoft’s previous generation of gaming consoles. This console provides the following features:

  • Backward compatibility. You can purchase and play games from previous generations of Xbox. This is also available on Xbox One, but considering all of the above, the quality of playing games is significantly better.
  • Optimization of games from Series X and S. Some of the recently released games have already been optimized for the next generation of the console. For example, from Game Pass these are Gears 5 and Forza Horizon 4.
  • Convenient and intuitive interface. This applies to both the home page, where the location of the tiles can be individually adjusted to suit your preferences, as well as the store and games in Game Pass.
  • In addition to games, you can install applications like YouTube, Netflix, or even install an app with free movies and cartoons.

The best alternatives to Xbox games 

The console conducts a great variety of games. The lists of the best Xbox games comprise:

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It is a new part of the famous series from CD Projekt RED, which will combine a proprietary non-linear storyline and an open, diverse world that will be bigger than any other in a modern RPG coupled with modern graphics. And the total area of the game world is thirty times larger than the world of the previous part of the series.

  • Terminator: Resistance

The world has been destroyed by nuclear war. Humanity under the leadership of John Connor is fighting a desperate struggle for survival. Gamers will have to play as Private Rivers, fighting against Skynet. There are main tasks and secondary assignments. The game provides character pumping in several directions: “Combat”, “Science” and “Survival” – gradually the hero masters the skills of destroying all types of terminators, aircraft, and tanks that are only in the game;

  • Sniper ghost warrior: contracts

It is based on 2 gameplay mechanics: stealth and advanced sniping. The gamer will have to perform a number of small tasks in fairly extensive locations. It will be necessary to destroy the target, arrange sabotage, or scout something. You have to play as a mercenary. The game offers large locations with many loopholes and sniper positions – you need to choose the best way to solve the task, while not getting lost in the labyrinths of a factory or a dark forest.

  • Dark Souls III

It is the third installment set in a completely new fantasy world filled with blood and fierce battles with evil spirits. Once again, you will find a large open world, an advanced combat system, and various weapons for both melees and ranged combat. Dark Souls III also features an updated graphics engine with more advanced effects and animations, giving the series a modern look for next-gen consoles.

  • Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

This is a race of funny characters on bright and super-fast maps. You will have to drive on the ring tracks, bumping into traps, bombs, and other troubles. In this case, you have to collect various devices in order to overtake the opponent. You can play CTR either yourself or with a group of friends. In total, there are 26 heroes in the list, which differ in speed, resourcefulness, and other parameters.