A Proof that Data Rooms Are the Remedy for Due Diligence

Monitoring of data rooms for due diligence is carried out on the basis of a subscription to changes and is carried out on a daily basis.

Data Rooms as the Remedy for Due Diligence

Data rooms and cybersecurity are most often interpreted as a set of measures taken by structures external to the individual (subject of personal data) (both government and commercial), which can lead to violations of the inviolability of privacy.

The term “data room for due diligence” is used primarily by IT professionals and in relation to an organization; the term “cybersecurity” is more often used in political discussions when information security is considered within the framework of national security “Information security” and “cybersecurity” are in most cases considered synonymous and are most often interpreted as a set of measures taken by external structures (both government and commercial ) that may lead to violations of your privacy).

In this context, the right to information privacy can be limited and violated in the name of ensuring the safety of the individual and/or society. An example is the strengthening of government measures for monitoring of the Internet and other communications, strengthening of government control over the activities of telecom operators, expanding the ability to access data of users of data room services:

  1. installation of specialized devices for intercepting Internet traffic (“black boxes”);
  2. legislative consolidation of the obligation of Internet service providers to store Internet traffic for a long time;
  3. waiver of a part of the state guarantee for ensuring privacy and protection of personal data;
  4. simplification of the procedural order of access for representatives of law enforcement agencies to personal data of users.

The Main Proofs of VDR as a Remedy for Due Diligence

The introduction of electronic document management and the automation of tax reporting checks allow the due diligence for data rooms to promptly identify unscrupulous market participants. Reimbursement on work with such counterparties is possible only upon proof of due diligence.

The main proofs that data rooms are the remedy for due diligence are:

  • Availability of a formalized and approved procedure for checking counterparties.
  • Checking a counterparty is an integral part of the process of accepting a counterparty and further working with it.
  • Designated person responsible for the counterparty verification process.
  • Dossier on the counterparty and on contracts with him (transactions).
  • Monitoring and reassessment of the level of risks on a periodic basis.
  • Verification of the fulfillment of obligations under the contract at the end of the contractual relationship.

Many experts draw attention to the fact that the effectiveness of such measures in the fight against terrorism and organized crime does not correspond to the costs of their implementation and does not justify violations of the right to information privacy (including the right of a subject to control who, when and why uses information about him).

Thus, the protection of personal data is not limited to ensuring technical security measures for the collection, storage, and processing of data (quality of use). Moreover, the security measures taken can become a cause of violation of the integrity of the digital sphere of privacy. The criterion for the admissibility of interference in order to ensure security can be the right of an individual to control the use of information about himself. The balance between privacy and security is a complex issue that cannot be tackled by technicians, lawyers, or intelligence agencies. International practice clearly demonstrates that different actors should be involved in solving these problems.

Why browser extensions can be dangerous?

As everyone knows, browsers have long ceased to be ordinary navigators on the Internet. Enlargement played an important role in this evolution. They allow you to control the loading and behavior of websites. So, this article will investigate the functionality of browser extensions.


What is a browser extension?


A browser plug-in, add-on, or extension usually means the same thing – it’s a software component that adds a feature to an existing computer program. It can be part of a standalone application or an Internet browser. For example, browser plug-ins extend the functionality of a web browser by installing specific toolbars, adding buttons, links, or other useful features, such as blocking pop-ups.


Legitimate application plug-ins include add-ons that can encrypt and decrypt e-mail, emulate game consoles, process and analyze audio, and provide text editors. Legitimate browser extensions include search toolbars, media players, and text readers.


These plugins can be very useful and, if developed by an authorized company, are safe and harmless to download.

When using a large number of extensions, the user is exposed to danger because the extensions can perform certain actions, namely:


  • intercept passwords and personal data of the user;
  • show unwanted ads and modify the pages of sites viewed by the user;
  • read the history of visits and data of sites visited by the user;
  • perform hidden actions from the user;
  • use the user’s account to spread spam on social networks.


Why are extensions dangerous?


Unfortunately, some extensions can create security and privacy issues. This is due to the permissions they receive during their installation. For example, almost all Google Chrome extensions can read and modify all of your data on the websites you visit.


In addition, extensions are constantly running in your browser. They work when you check Facebook when you transfer money from your bank’s website, and when you enter your credit card information on Amazon.


Malicious extensions can easily log keystrokes to steal passwords and personal information. It can secretly redirect search traffic to another location or sell browsing data to advertisers. The list is endless. Of course, this is not the case with most extensions, and web store owners are taking tough action against malicious behavior.




Using browser extensions is potentially dangerous for the user under the following conditions:


  • installing too many extensions. They not only reduce the performance of the computer when working with the browser but also can open a loophole for attacks;
  • installing extensions, not from official web stores. Official stores in most cases filter out malicious extensions;
  • irresponsible attitude to granting permissions when installing and using extensions. Before installing the plugin, you should always pay attention to the compliance of permissions with the functions of the extension;
  • neglect of anti-virus software and timely upgrading of virus databases.


Examples of dangerous extensions


Experts have identified problems with extensions such as DM for Instagram, Downloader for Instagram, Shimeji browser extension, Instagram Download Video & Image, Universal Video Downloader, Vimeo Video Downloader, Zoomer for Instagram and Facebook, Spotify Music Downloader, Video Downloader for YouTube, Soundcloud Music Downloader, etc.

Google has added new security features to Chrome. They are designed to make it easier to detect questionable downloads and extensions. These features are based on the advanced safe browser feature that was launched last year and allows you to identify phishing sites.

When a user tries to download an extension that is considered unreliable, the browser will warn you to be careful. Google says that nearly three-quarters of the extensions available in the Chrome Store will be trusted.

How to become a cyber security engineer?

Today, as the world increasingly becomes virtual reality, the problem of protecting personal and commercial information has become particularly acute. That’s why cybersecurity professionals are one of the most sought in the job market. This article will consider

Cybersecurity – what is it?

We live in a time when information can be a weapon or a way of manipulation if it falls into the hands of strangers. Confidentiality is a difficult task today, and sometimes it even seems an illusion. Along with a number of conveniences (online shopping, online utilities, online financial systems for entrepreneurs, etc.) there is a need to protect countless amounts of data. And state databases should not be forgotten either. All of this is a huge amount of information and a lot of computer systems that need to be protected and that need to be handled properly. Every year the percentage of digitalization in our lives will grow. That is why the role of cybersecurity as science will only grow every year.

Cybersecurity is the process of applying security measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. It is designed to protect data at the stage of their exchange and storage. Such security measures include access control, training, audit, and risk assessment, testing, management, and authorization security.

The terms “Cybersecurity” and “information security” are not synonymous. If information security focuses only on the storage of information, then the concept of “cybersecurity” is larger and covers not only the issue of data storage but also computer systems and the digital environment in general.

What should a cybersecurity specialist know?

The main task of a cybersecurity specialist is to ensure the protection of information of the enterprise, country, or citizens. Their job is to ensure the smooth operation of software for the protection of enterprise information, debugging, and maintaining the operation of hardware – in simple terms; they must be well versed in the device and operation of computers and computer networks. Also, each specialist must be able to write their own software specific to this particular organization, and if necessary, create an antivirus.

A good cybersecurity engineer will always be able to repel any hacker attack on the object entrusted to him, and a very good specialist will never allow this attack, blocking all access channels in advance.

Skills for work

Every cybersecurity engineer should have the following capabilities:

  • Be able to program
  • Read the code, revealing hidden sources of outside intrusion
  • Understand the device of the popular computer “iron”
  • Have analytical skills, calculating in advance the consequences of changes to the code
  • Promptly assess threats and identify their sources
  • Be able to work with large amounts of data
  • Understand the principles of various cyberattacks and know-how to defend against them
  • Know-how web layout works
  • Be familiar with databases, in particular, with SQL

General responsibilities

Depending on the company, the set of responsibilities differs, but the most common areas of responsibility assigned to the average cybersecurity engineer can be distinguished:

  • Planning, implementation, monitoring, and adjustment of measures aimed at improving safety;
  • Solving problems related to security and network;
  • Timely response to security breaches in systems and/or networks;
  • Implementation of correct security measures to protect confidential information and IT equipment;
  • Change control;
  • Testing and searching for vulnerabilities in the system and network;
  • Administration and communication with users.

Best XBox games 2021

These projects are waiting for millions of players, and critics consider them masterpieces even before the premiere. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best new games of 2021 for the Xbox console.

Xbox – a powerful console of a new generation

The Xbox Series X is the successor to Microsoft’s previous generation of gaming consoles. This console provides the following features:

  • Backward compatibility. You can purchase and play games from previous generations of Xbox. This is also available on Xbox One, but considering all of the above, the quality of playing games is significantly better.
  • Optimization of games from Series X and S. Some of the recently released games have already been optimized for the next generation of the console. For example, from Game Pass these are Gears 5 and Forza Horizon 4.
  • Convenient and intuitive interface. This applies to both the home page, where the location of the tiles can be individually adjusted to suit your preferences, as well as the store and games in Game Pass.
  • In addition to games, you can install applications like YouTube, Netflix, or even install an app with free movies and cartoons.

The best alternatives to Xbox games 

The console conducts a great variety of games. The lists of the best Xbox games comprise:

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It is a new part of the famous series from CD Projekt RED, which will combine a proprietary non-linear storyline and an open, diverse world that will be bigger than any other in a modern RPG coupled with modern graphics. And the total area of the game world is thirty times larger than the world of the previous part of the series.

  • Terminator: Resistance

The world has been destroyed by nuclear war. Humanity under the leadership of John Connor is fighting a desperate struggle for survival. Gamers will have to play as Private Rivers, fighting against Skynet. There are main tasks and secondary assignments. The game provides character pumping in several directions: “Combat”, “Science” and “Survival” – gradually the hero masters the skills of destroying all types of terminators, aircraft, and tanks that are only in the game;

  • Sniper ghost warrior: contracts

It is based on 2 gameplay mechanics: stealth and advanced sniping. The gamer will have to perform a number of small tasks in fairly extensive locations. It will be necessary to destroy the target, arrange sabotage, or scout something. You have to play as a mercenary. The game offers large locations with many loopholes and sniper positions – you need to choose the best way to solve the task, while not getting lost in the labyrinths of a factory or a dark forest.

  • Dark Souls III

It is the third installment set in a completely new fantasy world filled with blood and fierce battles with evil spirits. Once again, you will find a large open world, an advanced combat system, and various weapons for both melees and ranged combat. Dark Souls III also features an updated graphics engine with more advanced effects and animations, giving the series a modern look for next-gen consoles.

  • Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

This is a race of funny characters on bright and super-fast maps. You will have to drive on the ring tracks, bumping into traps, bombs, and other troubles. In this case, you have to collect various devices in order to overtake the opponent. You can play CTR either yourself or with a group of friends. In total, there are 26 heroes in the list, which differ in speed, resourcefulness, and other parameters.